Digital CCTV camera
and recording systems

Macsyss Ltd is a leading installer and maintenance service provider of digital CCTV camera and recording surveillance systems. We install, maintain and perennially look after large industrial and commercial CCTV installations on sites across The Gambia. We provide cost effective evidence quality CCTV surveillance systems tailor-made to meet your requirements.​

Reliable, secure virtual server solutions for your Cloud Hosting requirements

Gain greater freedom configuring virtual servers in the cloud. Macsyss offers a cost-effective alternative to in-house severs with flexible, scalable, pay as you go, or bespoke solutions suited to your business needs.

We have positioned ourselves to be the leading IT distributor for businesses
that will be birthed as demand for more advance technologies are required in Africa.​

Africa’s e-health start-ups have raised over $90M this year.

The number of African e-health start-ups operating across the continent has hit an all-time high at 180 active companies, while investment into the space continues to snowball, reaching record levels in the first half of 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the High-tech Health: Exploring the African E-health Start-up Ecosystem Report 2020, released by Disrupt Africa, the number of start-ups active in the health-tech space on the continent has grown by 56.5 per cent over the last three years, with 180 ventures…
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